Monday, July 02, 2007

Four Wide Ones

If you like playing fantasy sports and you like money, you're really missing out if not playing frequently over at Fantasy Sports Live. We've gotten great feedback from players used to long fantasy seasons with little payoff. At FSL, the daily contests give you an opportunity to draft and win every day. Even multiple times a day.

It's high comedy to be in a room with people watching box scores and MLB Extra Innings, begging for their player to do something with the fantasy contest--if not necessarily the actual game--in the balance. Like a football game well out of hand but with the point spread stil in play. And my girlie chat box has been filled with similar sentiment.

Don't believe it in the abstract? Then let me tell you about tonight. I was in a $5 contest and mired in 5th or so with most games completed. Pitching is key and though my starter pitched well, he did not get a win, which is worth 10 big points. So I trailed opponents whose pitchers had better outings. I did have a live player, though. Vernon Wells. Who went single, HR, out, HR, single in his first 5 ABs, good for 14 points. I leap-frogged three players and was deadlocked for first, as the Jays-A's went to the 9th. And Wells was up 3rd.

Anything positive (walk or hit) and I get a point for the win, since the guy I was tied with had no more active players. But a strikeout, which takes away a point, and I fall into a tie for second.

So Wells comes up with one out and a runer on second, lugging his huge 4-5 evening and the A's, already down four, walk him. Intentionally.

ONE POINT! And a winner.

You can't re-create that kind of excitement. Unless you re-write the rules. Get in the game. Bonus code: Speaker.


At 7:55 AM, Blogger TripJax said...

I'm not a huge fantasy fan - though I've done the football thing numerous years - but I gotta tell you I just love this idea and I think it is absolutely genius.

Well done sirs...I'll be signing up soon...


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