Sunday, December 03, 2006

Behind the Orange Curtain

After months of badgering, I finally got tired of the constant e-mails, phone calls and dead pigeons left on my doorstep and trekked southward to The OC to Blinders' home game. In truth, because they are usually during the week and I'd rather have my eyes gouged out by rabid monkeys than fight weekday traffic on the 91 and 55, I have been unable to attend previous events. But Saturday night? That I can do.

Let's just say this off the top. Blinders oversees an excellent game. And he runs with an entertaining crowd. Being the "new guy," I felt like a rookie pitcher making his first start. I didn't know anything about the other players and they didn't know anything about me. And outside of one guy putting Icy Hot in my jock strap, I escaped hazing and was welcomed by a friendly and diverse crowd, even after I flipped over three hole cards on one hand (people on 'ludes should not deal and most certainly should not put the last burn card on top of their holdings). The tale of the tape:

Good news: I flopped three sets in the first hour.

Bad news: I got stacked with two of them and had to fold (correctly) on the turn in the third.

Good news: It was a re-buy for the first 5 levels.

Bad news: Including the add-on, I was in for 4x.

Good news: Pocket Jacks held up against every draw in the Universe.

Bad news: I entered the freeze-out phase with 30 less chips than I would have had if I showed up and hour and 38 miutes late and took a double re-buy and add-on.

Good news: I doubled up with aces two hands later.

Bad news: I was starting to get a little drunk and was 50 miles from home.

Good news: I made the Final Table.

Bad news: Five places paid. My stack was 9th and miniscule.

Good news: We had a Luckbox. A kid (He told me he was 18, officer). He cracked KK with 88 (I dealt him an 8 on the flop). He cracked TT with KTs. His 65 took out another short stack.

Bad news: I was short. I won one hand at the Final Table, a push over a limper with KQ. Everyone folded.

Good news: I folded to 3rd. Out-chipped by a ton, I pushed on the button of the first 3-handed hand with 4s3s and flopped the nut straight.

Bad news: The Luckbox made a runner-runner flush, which I dealt.

As I told our esteemed host, it was a fantastic time. Great group of folks. Lots of play. Well-conceived and well-run structure. Splendid selection of tunes. Somehow, someway, I'm gonna have to figure out a way to get to OC on the first Wednesday of every month. Thanks again, dude. And...

Ship It!


At 11:54 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

ya, i heard you got junk kicked a few times. but, still managed a 3rd place finish. sorry i couldn't make it. see ya at the drunken donkey fest this weekend.


At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming. As usual the tournament was a blast. Thanks for noticing the soundtrack. It's a classic OCPT mix of Old School Punk, Alternative, and Metal that really clicks with the native OC crowd. It's a way we seporate ourselves from some of the other pretenders out there


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