Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cards Chat

The following post is a review paid for by CardsChat, an Internet Poker Forum.

I don't spend much time in online forums any longer. Sure, I can be found on the girlie chat thingee and I cut my intertubes teeth on the Oakland A's message board where I still occasionally spread my peculiar brand of wisdom. But I did used to log into 2+2 regularly and faithfully scoured various poker-related sites for information back in my formitive gambOOOOling years, so I have some experience with mining for fact nuggets.

CardsChat offers a commendable bredth of resources for the beginning poker player. The forums appear to be well attended, with two boards boasting more than 28K in posts. The topics are what you would expect: general strategy, room reviews (both B&M and online), hand analysis and a "lounge" where pretty much everything seems to go, like discussions about Wii or ManU v. Chelsea.

There are myraid poker articles, as well, covering the usual (pot odds, position, etc.). They seem to be geared toward beginning concepts and exclusively geared toward Hold 'Em (with some token Omaha pieces), both ring and tournament styles. This section also boasts limited book reviews.

Overall, the site would be a solid resource for someone starting out on their poker road, though less notewoprthy for players with ballast to their knowledge. In addition, I would recommend it as a place to meet others with similar interests don't have a blog and have already bonded with degenerate strangers that way.


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