Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bender on Deck

Mike: What the fuck are you carrying a gun for? In case somebody steps to you, Snoop Dogg?
Sue: Hey, man, you're not from here. You don't know how it is. I grew up in L.A.
Trent: Anaheim.
Sue: Whatever, man...

It's true, I no longer really reside in what could be considered Los Angeles, though I still work there. And for 16 years, I did live in L.A.
Trent: The Valley
Whatever, man.

My credentials are secure, iron-clad, and I am honored, as always, to have a story included in this month's special LA-based edition of Truckin', the excellent literary e-zine put out by our very own DrPauly. Please go check it out and support your local degenerates by reading their excellent work: facty, Shane, change100, Dan Keston and The Good Doctor himself.


Haven't been able to find much time for bloggery. Shot my wad on Saturday, I guess, in more ways than one. I've got a bunch of stuff going on, a fair amount of non-blog writing and a pending weekend straight out of the funny pages. But first, this single parent thing...whew. The fallout from my 9-hour WSOP satellite experience was that I neglected AJ for that many hours, and act over which I felt horrible. Stupid 30-minute levels. Good for poker; bad for parenting. So I promised him a long day at the park on Sunday to make up for it and it promptly began to pour as soon as we hit the climbing structure. Excellent.

Because the Blogger WSOP tourney was Sunday night, I played at my Mom's so AJ could have some company. I was a little distracted while playing, but settled in after about 45 minutes. I pulled an elaborate hammer bluff on Gracie, though I didn't realize it was her at the time, to get my stack to to 3800 or so. On the following hand, I got aces and managed to get NealCassady (sorry dude, don't know yer blog; hit me up in comments and I'll do the linkee thing, if I haven't already) to double me up. I moved along nicely for a while after that, through the second hour, busting a couple short stacks (DonkeyPuncher is the only one I remember). Then it all went south in a hurry. I raised with 33 and a short stack pushed, forcing me to call. I was happy to race with AK. Until the A hit the turn. A few hands later, I re-raised lifesagrind's massive stack from the BB with JJ. He pushed and I let them fookers go. Then I pushed with QT. Naturally, change100 called. With Kings. By my count, she has personally put me out of four tournaments: two at Murderer's Row (once with KK v my QQ push), the first DADI event and this one. Gawd, is it just four? It seems like a hundred. (change, you know I love you, and you've no reason to feel "genuinely sad.")

I didn't stick around after busting, though, it must be said, I did type into chat, "I want gracie to win." (YAY!) I went and watched "Rescue Heroes" with AJ, the two of us sitting close in the chair, him giggling, me rolling my eyes at the over-the-top antics of Lifeguard Dave. I hated dropping him off at daycare the next morning, knowing I won't see him for almost two weeks. That Boy is my pulse. So, diversion is the name of the game until April. With my game rounding into shape, it might be the perfect time to go on a poker bender for two weeks. Fund the Kitty, so to speak.


drizz has a great idea and I'm gonna try to get something up next week. Can't quite settle on a subject just yet. I know one thing: On Friday, drizz is going on mega-tilt.


At 5:27 PM, Blogger peacecorn said...

"Fund the kitty" sounds a lot more fun than actually playing poker.

At 6:58 PM, Blogger Network Marketing Coach said...

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At 8:09 PM, Blogger Kel said...

liked the piece on Truckin'

reflective quality


printing to keep

and referencing it on my blog for my lurky friends

don't let your self get distracted from AJ - try writing from AJ for Drizz

At 8:00 AM, Blogger Randy G said...

I wish I was primed for a poker bender, but since I'm running poorly I think I'll go on a spring sports bender with March Madness, The Masters, and Opening Day of "This is the Cubs' year." BTW, network marketing coach is a doutsche-stain poet wannabe.

At 8:10 AM, Blogger Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Remember Speaker...you are a bear..with these big claws...and she's just a rabbit and you need to tear her apart.


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