Friday, November 18, 2005

Answer Man

Thanks for all the guesses/comments on the quiz. These were two hands I played recently that made me just shake my head and wonder what people were thinking. Perhaps because we're all inured to being horribly sucked out on, that colored some of the responses, I really was never sucked out on, though the first did feature the always popular suck and re-suck.

Hand 1: He had KQo, so he was ahead, behind and ahead. What I found strange was all the calling. If he raises my flop bet, I probably call. Then we probably get it all in on the turn and he sucks out. But the river call is tthe strangest, in my opinion. He's got top two! What could I have been betting the whole way that he is behind? AT? Don't be ridiculous. Set? Well that's just seeing mosters. He certainly had a decent shot at all my chips by being more aggressive. Nobody hit it on the head, but Ryan was closest.

Hand 2: He had 33 and flopped the set. I dig the smooth check-call on the flop. I can even be persuaded the check on the turn is okay. But on the river? In this particular instance, he wasn't getting any more money out of me, so perhaps his actions are above reproach. But if someone hit those face cards, even has TPTK, you gotta build that pot. I even typed into chat at the end of the hand, "you know you flopped a set, right?" Several mentioned the set possibility--and thanks all for believing in my ability to dodge bullets--but only Mike mentioned 33.

Congrats to all the psuedo winners!


I played a litttle too much poker last night, getting involved in a couple 180s after the witching hour, fueled by an ass-stomping I delivered in a Full Tilt $20 SnG, five Bass Ales and the bad influence of a certain Spaceman who doesn't have to get up at 5:30 for work. Things were actually going well in the second one and I was looking at doubling up with about 45 left until the dingleberrry hit his gutshot on the river after going all in on the flop.

But the highlight of the evening was the FT SnG. It took a mere 45 minutes for me to run over the table. It helps when you get AA v. KK in the second level. It further helps when, in a family pot, you flop the unassailible nuts and have two people chase all the way to the river trying to hit the hand you already have, or, in one fella's case, the idiot end of the straight, which resulted in all his chips coming to me. All of which had me at over 6K in chips after 20 minutes. Had a 3.5-1 chip lead getting to heads up and took him out swiftly on an action hand. I have TT and raise. He calls and the flop is 987. I bet, he pushes and shows 87 for two pair. Ugh, though I have many outs, running queens included.

Pay me.


A local radio station is regularly featuring the R. I don't even know what to call it. It might just be the most hilarious piece of entertainment in history. The DVD has 12 "chapters" and has a series of vignettes, sung by R. himself, including the character of a white southern woman and I don't think I need to tell you that R.'s inability to nail the accent is pure gold. At the end of the latest chapter to be mocked by the morning team, R. finds a man in his house, who's been sleeping with his wife. He deduces this by the fact there's a cherrry pie on the table with a piece missing and his white southern wife IS ALLERGIC TO CHERRIES! AH HA! So he finds the guy hiding in a cabinet and...are you sittting down? turns out the philanderer is a midget. Because, presumably, "midget" kinda rhymes with "cabinet."

I think this DVD is gonna be my bounty for the WPBT. But I'll have to buy one for myself, too. Last, this is actual lyrical dialogue from the scene described above, when R. realized the guy is in the cabinet in front of which his wife is standing guardedly.

I said, "move!"
She said, "no!"
I said, "move!"
She said, "no!"
"Bitch, move!"
She moved!

Really, it doesn't get any better than that.


At 10:08 AM, Blogger Ignatious said...

joe, check out these cliff notes on r. kellys wacky "opera" thingy.

At 9:17 PM, Blogger JasonSpaceman said...

Bad influence, my ass! ;-)


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