Thursday, August 18, 2005

Equal Shares

Among my numberous roles in life--husband, father, gadfly, racontuer--is that of the guy people come to for advice. I've done a lot of livin' in my 38 years and made enough mistakes that I've been able to absorb some lessons along the way, lessons I often impart to my younger acquantances.

Today's lesson is about your significant other. In relationships, the woman usually, though not always, insists on "sharing," as in the most intimate details. Your thoughts, your experiences, your very essence. Such openess will naturally strengthen the bond, bring you closer together.

As any good husband, I follow these tenets. I share EVERYTHING. But, there is apparently a limit. For example, your wife may not want to see the big glob of ear wax you q-tipped out this morning. At least mine didn't.

In summary, sharing is not compulsory, especially where body orafices and their contents are concerned.


I was home sick yesterday, finally trying to kick another in a long line of pre-school-incubated diseases. I followed the Sickie Plan to a tee: Sleep, drink lots of fluids, play three MTTs at once.

I cashed in one of them, the $20 Pot Limit Omaha. I dunno, maybe I'm a better Omaha player. More likely, the players are just worse. I finished 17th (of 150+) for a minor award, continuing my philosophy of nut peddling. Again, I ran into a Big Stack numbnuts chasing a single draw (flush) and hitting it on the River after all the money went in on the Flop. I had top set, but no re-draws. I accept my $11 prize, however.

A half-hour into the PLO, a $20 NLHE started. I didn't play much in that one, but made it into the third hour. Not many cards to get involved, but when I did get big hands, I doubled up. Until I ran my AA into 99, who flopped a set. You know, when you raise in EP with 99 and there's a raise behind you and a RE-RAISE behind that, does it ever occur to you that your 99 might be way behind?

For posterity, I'm two for my last six with AA.

The 15K Guaranteed Crazy $11 Re-Buy also began while I was in those two. It was a pretty dull affair as well. I nearly doubled up in the first hour and didn't have to throw any extra cash into the Kitty. In the second hour, I got drawn out on twice--a flopped set of 5s falling to runner-runner flush--and JJ getting flushed on the turn by Q6s. Fortunately, I managed to minimize the losses in those two hands. Q6s checked his flush on both turn and river trying to trap me. I didn't fall for it. Still, I eneded the second hour with just under 9K in chips, or just a grand more than I had at the start. Not good.

She may not have made me, but I spent much of the tourney to the immediate left of Tanya. I didn't say hello, lest we out ourselves as superior bloggers/players (and she might not even know who I am, as we only met for the briefest of moments in Vegas). There was one guy at my table who claimed I'd fleeced him in a cash game before. I didn't remember him (nor had any notes), but it must have been a long time ago considering I don't play many cash games and, uh, I don't remember doing any winning recently.

I went out at Level 9 with AJo. I really hate people who limp with Big Slick. really, really.

Then I did get some sleep.


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