Saturday, July 30, 2005

Return of the Donkey

I'm planning on taking a little poker break when the weekend ends. Nothing bad, just having a hard time getting motivated to play, having difficulty enjoying the game and that's a major part of why I play. I want to step back and look at my results and find the problems. The decrease in bankroll can be largely attributed to variance, that much is certain. But not all, which is equally certain. I'm not bitter. Just curious. And mildly depressed.

Regardless, Im gonna play a few select events this weekend, including some FPP satelittes to the WCOOP. I have a lot od FPPs stored up, something to show for the months of bad results anyway.

Oh, I'm also drunk and in two tourneys right now.


Where we stand:

$5 Limit O8 Re-Buy. Level 9 (third hour). 400/800. I'm in for $15.50. Sitting 16 of 89 remaining. 27 paid. Prize pool of $3,055.

I can honestly say, I have never seen worse poker play in all my life. To wit: A66 flop. I have and ace and a six in my hand. I lead and get two callers. Turn is a 6.


I lead and get one caller, who also pays on the river. No, he didn't have AA. Anyway, looking good.

$10 NLHE MTT. Level 3. 25/50. Sitting 129 of 437. Doubled up early with KK (against QQ; yes, it held up). Took a bad beat when all-in pre-flop with AK v. A8s (short stack) who flopped the nut flush. That's more like it. But got a chunk back with KK again.

Okay, time for the running drunken log.

Boy you people are terrible. I scoop another O8 pot against the short stacks with AKKT double-suited. Pair of kings is good enough. You see? 10 of 74.

The guy who beat me with A8 ran his stack up to over 5K with his fishy luck. He's back down to just more than 1K. I didn't get any of it.

Generally, I don't think it's a good idea to not respect the raises of 2/3rds of your table, but Jesus H. What the fuck are you people thinking?

I had a guy re-raise me today with ATs. I had AK. I would guess the situations are extremely rare where one would re-raise with ATs. I'm right about that, am I not?

Of course, he had implied Donkey Odds considering I passively called his minimum re-raise and gave him my whole stack after an AT6 flop.

ANYWAY, I just made a real good fold on the O8 table. Got rivered and dropped a tenth of my stack, but saved myself 3200. 24 of 68.

Just correctly folded the winner to an obscene over-bet in the $10. Limped with ATo. SB pushed (had me covered) with JJ and I folded only to see a TT8 flop. Grrrrrrrrr.

If *I* had JJ, AT would have definitely called.

Break in the $10. 173 of 298. Lost 490 players in the first hour.


That is fucking incredible. We need to have a summit meeting about the plethora of jackasses who have begun populating these tourneys in the wake of the WSOP. The fields are up 25%. The play has never been worse. And...well...I'm getting my ass handed to me for the most part.

All reasonable hypotheses accepted.

Fuck. I just folded the winner again in the O8. I think I'm drawing slim and I'm ahead. It's absurd. Yes, second pair is g00t. How, exactly, on a flop of QT4 do you call a bet with a pair of nines and no draw? I dunno, but I just saw it happen.

It's 1:24. This is surprising news to me.


Kc2c3d4d in the BB flops trip deuces which hold up for a $20K scoop. 11 of 40.

Jeez, in all the excitement, I notice I haven't played a hand in the $10 in a while. The screen pops up, I see 94o and turn my attention back to the O8 gig, with the Bubble fast approaching.

Dammit, just won a smallish pot in the O8 and gave it right back when I got rivered. Chip leader just got moved to my right and he's willing to move 'em around. Gotta be selective with the level at 2000/4000 and me with 26K.

Jesus H. So I am selective and get screwed.

AhKsThTs and I raise pre-flop. K62 flop with two spades. I don't improve and lose the high to a guy betting his low who gets two pair. 26 of 34.

I am sorry to have neglected you, dear reader. Glyph showed, and we got to chattin'.

I busted in the $10. Flopped TPSK (the 'S' is for "shit") in the BB while short-stacked and pushed (less than the pot). Fella caught a set to bust me.

But I went on a rush in the O8 tourney. I'm 4 of 24 remaining. My first in the money O8 finish. Now for the big money...

In a span of five hands, I scooped one, 3/4rd another and split two, going from 32K to 78K. Still, I only have 9 big bets with the escalating blinds.

Still in. 8 of 15. Exciting updates, eh? Sorry. Focusing, you know.

Also, my cards have taken the express train to Shitville.

Nevermind. In six figures with AKK2 double-suited. Scoop!


Just when you think...

Made it to the final table. My flopped top two pair (AK) got runner-runnered by a wheel. And then I got all my money in with the turned nut flush and got 4-outed by a boat. Finished 8th.

Even so, a solid performance. My first FT in 8 weeks. Not gonna do a whole lot for the bankroll, but I wholeheartedly accept.

Thanks for stopping by.


At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cure for decreased motivation is LIVE PLAY!

The 'net is a drag after a while.


At 6:04 PM, Blogger Heather said...

thems QUADS, beetches!!

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Wow, if YOU can net a final table playing O8....

I'll go hide now.

Grats man :)


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