Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Just in case I gave the erroneous impression that my two month run of bad results was entirely the result of being unlucky. I'd say it's about 60-40. To wit:

I figure I'll have another go tonight at the $20 MTT based on last night's minor victory. I pick up a couple small pots early and am feeling good when I get JJ on the button. A min raise and three callers, so I bump it to 160. BB and the rest call. Yippee.

Flop is KQQ and there is a push and a call in front of me, so I fold. Pusher shows 44. Caller shows 88.


But I'm down to 1200, but the caller is playing way too many pots, so I hope to snag him later.

In Level 3, I again get JJ and raise it 4x. Earlier Caller calls. Flop is KK9. Alright, not this time. I bet the pot, he calls. D'oh. I'm pot committed, so I push on the Q turn.

He calls and shows KK.

Poorly played on all streets.


So I jumped into a $30 two-table SnG to redeem myself. Let the live blogging commence.


It's all-in on draws night. Thanks to two of them not hitting, I'm the chip leader with 7 left. My flopped two pair with J9 in the BB avoided an OESD to give me an early chip lead. Then my pocket tens had to dodge the nut diamond draw with a four flush on the flop. Twelve outs twice. Beautiful non-ace black cards nearly doubled me up.

I picked up a couple more smallish pots, the short stacks are going to war.

An open letter to me: Don't chip up the short stacks.

Guy on my immediate left seems to be a solid player. The rest? Meh.

I've seen 23% of flops. Much better than last night. Gone card dead lately, though. One steal re-raised so I dropped some there.

We're down to six. Actually five, considering one guy is sitting out. He's got two orbits left. Bubble time.

Break. Chip count with blinds set to go to 100/200 (w/25 ante):

Me: 7.8K
2nd: 7K
3rd: 5.1K
4th: 3.8K
5th: 2.2K

Bottom two go to war and 5th place doubles up with trip queens. New 5th place doubles up very next hand on new 4th place. He had AA. Lucky sonovabitch.

I flop TPGK with QTs, but fold to a big raise from 2nd place. No use getting into it yet.

The worst player remaining has seized third place. His VP$IP is about 85%. This is good. I want those chips. His aggression post-flop is chipping him up, however. Still, one of those over-bets...


In the BB, I raise to isolate the SS with my TT and limping worst player goes all-in. I fold, knowing I'm ahead, perhaps way ahead, but why risk it on the Bubble. No reason.

In the money.

I take a hit with QJ, flopping top pair and a straight draw, but getting out-kicked in the end.

Damn, I wish that TT hand was after the Bubble.


I lose a race with JJ and finish 4th. No facking cards late, man. Oh well, paid for my tourney follies earlier.

Very disappointing. JJ not my hand tonight.


At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

JJ not my hand tonight.

You just don't know how to play it. JJ is DY-NO-MIIITE!! IsoP

At 12:31 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

My parlay bet on BoDog tonight...

A's -170
Yankees +135

Yes the Yankees are playing the Twins, hopefully betting against their best pitcher will kick start this anemic team


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