Tuesday, July 11, 2006

First Things First

I lost my first wager of the weekend 9 hours before I even left for Vegas. I lost my last six hours before heading home. In between, I dropped a grand to bloggers at the poker table, $250 on dice, a buy-in at roulette(!?), a Benjamin on blackjack (within 15 minutes of my arrival), two weeks' pay at various bars, a well-conceived, but ultimately feckless bet on France and the price of a medium-range hooker on cab rides.

I'd have paid double just for the pleasure. Not the hooker. The bloggers.

Every time I go, it gets more and more difficult to write it up. So here I sit, festering ideas and gaps in memory plauging me. Therefore, I give you something even more important for now, my old friends, ones I just made and my invisible internet stalkers. After all the bad I done this weekend, it's time for some good. I encourage you all to join me.

Poker Pro's Donate Items for Charity Auction ForPeyton.com


As many of you know, Bobby Bracelet has been on a mission to help a young girl named Peyton, whose mother passed away recently from small cell ovarian cancer. Many people have stepped up during this process to lend support. Gavin Smith, World Poker Tour Player of the Year, has worked very hard to generate a buzz within the poker community. Gavin has gone above and beyond the call of duty, even spending enough quality time with Phil Hellmuth to persuade him to donate. That is what I call dedication. Jason “Spaceman” Kirk has used his connections in the media to gather donations and turn Card Player Magazine on to our exploits. Shelly Hokanson designed, and continues to manage, ForPeyton.com. She has the worst job since Bobby Bracelet is a prima donna who can’t seem to ever make up his mind about things. I could continue on, but needless to say there have been many more who have helped along the way.

Currently there are a bunch of items up for bid. Items are available through Ebay. You can go to the sight and click from each item in the “Silent Auction” section to be taken right to its page on Ebay. We have some amazing things coming up in our second wave of items. Keep coming back to see us auction another lesson from a professional, tickets to an exclusive party held by the Lederers at the WSOP, and much more!

Please post about this on your website and help me get the word out.

Phil Gordon - One Hour Lesson with Phil!

Card Player - Card Player Package!

Hellmuth and dummies - Phil Hellmuth DVD!

Hachem - Joe Hachem signed photo!

Mercier - Isabelle Mercier signed photo!

Ivey jersey - Phil Ivey signed jersey!

Smith jersey - Gavin Smith singed jersey!

Seif jersey - Mark Seif singed jersey!

Grinder hat - Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi signed hat!

Negreanu package - Daniel Negreanu items!

Fischman package - Scott Fischman items!


At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

stupid supreme court!

At 7:29 AM, Blogger Veneno said...

As warned, you are a maniac playing on blogger games! You were entertaining the whole evening on Saturday night at the Castle. I'm sure the alcohol gets some of the credit.

Watching you take it down with the hammer was an absolute rush.

Lots of good times..cannot wait for December...


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