Thursday, April 20, 2006


I somehow managed to drink 7 beers tonight (one Grolsch and six Bass Ales) and not have a total fit regarding my lack of tobacco ingestion (read the post below, can ya? It's far more important--but not interesting). Futhermore, I did not CRAVE a smoke with every beer--my usual ratio. To be sure, I had much love and back-slaps and encouragement from the IRC crew, including Those Who Have Gone Before.

However, what resulted was a huge buzz, not only alcohol-induced, but also one that played havoc with my neuro-receptors, which are so used to that dopamine release. I admit it, I was totally off my axis. What other reason (and my first attempt at typing "reason" resulted in "easopmn") could there be for me playing The Jackhammer--HARD--three times in the $17K on Full Tilt. What other reason (and my second attempt at typing "reason" resulted in "reaosnlo") could there be for me going 3 for 3 with The Jackhammer in the $17K on Full Tilt. I CALLED with it twice from a blind with a miniscule M and caught on the river both times (a gutshot 6 and a J to beat TT). The third push got the blinds and antes (yes, I showed).

So here I sit, may fingers numb somehow, in a giddy mood, wondering if staying home from work and pulling weeds and then drinking A LOT is a bad thing, or if physically drinking alone is technically drinking alone if you're chatting with a dozen degenerates, wonderful degenerates who make you laugh every minute and drop you a line of poker wisdom or a physiological definition of your current condition when you're wondering What. The. Fuck. that bet means and...

I ramble. I babble. I realize my TV is tuned to some New York sports talk show and, even in my present state, I realize I am infinitely more lucid than 90% of the dingbats currently talking about the Knicks. The Knicks?

I won a token. I parlayed it into a 30th-place finish in the $17K. I haven't smoked. Or smoken. April, Glyph, drizz, Alan, byron, Shane, gracie, Chadillac and Ryan helped keep me--it--together.

Good day.


At 12:08 AM, Blogger peacecorn said...

One more tip: With the quitting thing, plan to be off your rocker for a good bit over the next six months. Take liberal sick days during that time. They will keep you off nicotine and you will not regret them.

At 5:29 AM, Blogger StB said...

If you are drinking while chatting with someone online, you are not drinking alone. You are being socialable with people. Thus it is ok.

Best of luck on the smoking. Keep is up Nosmo.

At 6:26 AM, Blogger TenMile said...

To quote the Dwarf, errr, midget.



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