Tuesday, November 01, 2005

One Time Only!


One of the things I decided to do when I began this blog was to stay away from politics completely. It's not because I'm ashamed of my views or ill-informed. It's really quite the opposite. However, political discussions are highly personal, highly sensitive and necessitate a certain respect and delicacy. Real communication is highly physical and one often divines incorrect meaning from words on a page. The voice inflection isn't there, the body language, obvious sarcasm to one person might be a blatant challenge to another. No, my little corner of the Intarweb is no place for politics (unlike....say the Excalibur Poker Room at 4 a.m.).

But today, I make an exception.

I'm not here to judge Sam Alito's credentials or his leanings, but I wonder why it is that the dissenting opinion which is being held up by NOW and the Left is anti-abortion. Do you people really think a husband has no right to know his wife is planning to terminate a pregnancy? They couch it in terms like, "a woman doesn't give up her singular rights just because she's married," but I wonder, exactly, where the "singular" rights of the father/husband come in? Oh, I forgot, fathers don't have any rights. See most every child custody hearing since caveman times for evidence. We do, however, get to pay spousal and child support.

Planned Parenthood had the audacity to say Alito's opinion showed that he has "callous disregard for battered women." Of course. Right on. If I find out my wife is pregnant and that she wants an abortion, my reaction would not be to sit down and talk it over like the family we are, but rather to immediately grab a frying pan and start going Popeye on her face. It would be MUCH better if she did it on the sly. That would be quite a boost to our union. Thank you so much Planned Parenthood for your important work.

Oh, and nevermind that in two other cases, Alito sided with the majority in striking down state efforts to limit abortion.

I once dated a self-styled "feminist." For quite a while actually and she was always spouting ridiculous propaganda like this, all of which are based on the underlying notion that men fucking suck in all ways it is possible to suck. US Out of My Uterus! Break the Glass Ceiling! Equal Pay for Equal Work! Whatever. I'm not against any of that. But I am against the terms in which those arguments are couched, that I Am The Oppressor, branded guilty for all the ills of the world just because I'm with the penis-owning half of the population. Oh, and funny thing about that chick, she never once paid for dinner.

So ladies of Planned Parenthood, if you think it's cool to get knocked up and terminate without your husband's consultation, nice fucking marriage you've got there. Excellent. Take your IUD next time you pick up a hillbilly at the road side bar and maybe we can avoid these messy situations.

And I won't have to blog politics anymore.


At 4:05 PM, Blogger Daddy said...

Why hate on us hillbillies?

At 4:21 PM, Blogger Absinthe said...

Er... first of all, as you pointed out, there's obviously the possibility that the husband is not the father and therefore doesn't have any parental interest. Second, the whole reason the law was struck down was that it erected a barrier to a legal medical procedure - one not easily overcome by someone in an abusive (or nearly over) marriage. People who hit their wives will probably hit their kids. People who hit their kids don't deserve three fucking ounces of parental rights.

And the reason they're holding up the opinion is that, duh, they're afraid - with good reason - that Alito would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, stare decisis be damned. Which scares me, because nobody is going to put a gun to the head of my wife, sister, mother or child and tell her she's giving birth and that's that.

(Anecdotal, I know, but my stepfather brought two older sisters into our family - we had to fight for custody, and we won. Yes, joint or sole paternal custody only happens about 25% of the time, but that statistic has changed by an order of magnitude in only a couple of generations. And fathers get at least joint custody 50% of the time now when they request sole custody. Change takes time.)

(Also, thanks for reminding me why I don't talk about politics on my blog. Way to take one for the team!)

At 6:30 PM, Blogger cheesecakey said...

well, being a happy housewife, I am certainly no ERA feminist.... however I used to run parenting groups for teenage mothers the majority of whom were hispanic. In most cases, unfortunately, these girls were 16-17 and already married, largely to high school dropouts. Another pregnancy would have been celebrated and the girl would have faced physical violence had she expressed a desire for an abortion. More than one had 'secret' abortions and a lot of the parenting classes were taken up with talks of birth control (also not accepted). To me, the fact that the woman is the one with the lifelong responsibility for raising that child while fathers can come and go is enough for me to support not letting the husband know. Is it shitty? Yes. Morally wrong? Yes. But should it be legislated? No.

However, I think that Planned Parenthood's statements are retarded and as a woman who is more libertarian than conservative or liberal I wish this whole debate would go away. I so tire of laws that legislate what one does with one's body and the arguments that go with them. I just walked by the television and the tagline was: Mother says he is against abortion. What the fuck! Besides, even if Roe v. Wade was overturned the issue would go to the states and I find it hard to believe that even the red states would vote against it. I heard on the radio (so I don't know if this is true) that more men than women support abortion. Interesting. The political Left is pretty uninteresting and they are against more than what they are for - this one note song they keep singing does everyone a disservice and frequently obfuscates the real issues.

nice blog by the way.

At 7:13 PM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

Amen Joe.

I almost had to sleep on the couch after the political discussion with Mrs DP last night.

I shoulda just showed her your blog and said, "what he said"

At 12:21 AM, Blogger One_Outer said...

No kidding. Amen, Joe.

Vaguely related to what you're saying, but there are so many other ways that the courts screw fathers. For instance, my ex-wife makes three times what I make (I went into journalism, she went into finance). She also lied to me not once, but twice about using the birth control pill to con me into fathering children (I didn't learn about the first time until I figured out the second). Since May she gets about a third of my monthly income in child support, which I recently learned she used to outfit her house with a new entertainment system. I look forward to 17 more years of this.

I hate feminism.

At 8:20 AM, Anonymous Ras_Nesta said...

You make a good argument.

An argument for why it is no one else's f*cking business what a woman, or anyone else for that matter, does with their body or family. That is truly what the "abortion" debate is about, minding your own business.

The problem is that the Jeebo-fascists that run this country think that they have the right to cram their religion down ALL of our throats.

F*ck them and everyone who thinks like them.

At 9:50 AM, Blogger Roman said...

I used to run parenting groups for teenage mothers the majority of whom were hispanic. In most cases, unfortunately, these girls were 16-17 and already married, largely to high school dropouts.

That reminds me....L's a week late. She thinks (and I hope) that it's because of the stress of her new job.

Imagine dope like me with a kid?!?!

At 8:38 PM, Blogger BSN said...

Why is it always the most offensive commenter that never leaves a link to their blog, or an e-mail address? I guess you're the kind of person that only shits in other people's houses, Ras.

Joe can speak for himself, but I read this as being FOR father's rights, not AGAINST a woman's rights.

As a father, you can guess how I feel...

At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Ras_Nesta said...

Awwww, poor BS, did you want to send me a nastygram after completely missing my point? I apologize for my tone, but after Schiavo, "Intelligent" Design, and now Supreme Court Choice Battle XXXVI, I feel those of us that choose to not believe have some rights in our own country.

My point is that matters of family, which Choice is, are personal matters, not state matters.

Laws are very blunt instruments and cannot adequately cover the huge variety of situations that occur in famalies. All apologies to you "Father's Rights" types, we just can't make law based on what a few bitch ex-wives do. There are many more cases where the wife doesn't want to bring another child into a horrible, abusive situation.

The religious fascist right that owns the GOP doesn't believe that. They believe their invisible sky buddy knows what's right for everyone whether we believe or not.

I really don't care what they choose to believe on their own time, just keep out of the government I also help pay for.

At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Speaker:

I have several comments, the first of which is that an anonymous poster, like myself, by definition is not some sort of coward. When you're an illustrious person, you can't be responsible if others accept your wit and wisdom as gospel. My thanks and appreciation go out to Joe Speaker and his Foundation for providing a true American forum, where there is no censorship.

2) Some of you really get into this abortion thing. I think it's humorous that you keep referring to "husband" and "marriage." We're just kidding ourselves if we ignore the reality that these idiots (especially the cholos) have no respect for the institutions of marriage- and America for that matter. There's been about 3 generations now of total underclass who exist like a plague on the Enlightenment. Anyone who lives there knows California is a 3rd world state. Congratulations liberals! I hope you're the ones who get robbed, raped and beaten. Well, I suppose that is a little harsh. How about just beaten?

3) Hey absinthe, I just hit my kid for you. I bet you they'll turn out a lot better than yours will. Furthermore, anyone who allows themselves to be impregnated by someone "abusive" is a total nincompoop. And I support abortion in those cases- or is it euthanasia? Quit making victims of everyone. You're an embarrassment to Patrick Henry.

Wadsworth Henry (Patrick Henry's fifth cousin)


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