Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Disturbance in the Force

In lieu of me actually having anything to say:

Daddy is shutting down SnailTrax. This is a sad, sad day for Donkey Fuck-o-philes everywhere. I get a lot of laughter, insight and comraderie from all the blogs I read, but none has ever given me more consistent and heartier guffaws than Daddy's tales of debauchery. He will be missed. And relentlessly badgered into reconsidering.

Because I am under the age of 50 and straight, I have never played Euchre. You silly people need to stop and think about what you're doing. This could end badly.

Jason's got a share left. We're gonna be rich, bitches!

One of the funniest lines of chat from playing with the bloggers the other night was this one from Iggy:

My VP$IP is 84%.

Speaking of Iggy, is there anything better than an uber-post to get you through those last couple, mightily dragging, hours at work? Jeez, talk about a beer to a man dying in the desert. There were no more pages on the internet for me to scan yesterday. And then I hit Bloglines for the 37th time. Thank you, sir. Sanity restored.

Bill "Billy Legend" Rini, defending WPBT Aladdin Classic Champion and all-around Humanitarian has the latest on the next WPBT live event in December at the Imperial Palace (known to some as the "IP," known to me as the "IP Freely"). Make your plans now (or change them).

I updated my blogroll last week. I have not only been remiss in adding, but subtracting, as well. I don't have any kind of philosophy as far as adding people, but if you haven't blogged in six months, you're gonna get cut. I know I'm missing scores of blogs out there, many of which are older than mine and for that I must apologize. I struggle to hit all the ones on my roll as it is. If you want a link, just ask. I'll be happy to add you.

Of course, one of my new adds, asia k, hasn't posted in a month. But her last one gave me--at minimum--a semi-boner, so I'll give her a few more weeks to work it out. Her blog, I mean.

The Poker Nerd is live-blogging his assaults on the WCOOP Events and has cashed in the last two. This is living vicariously at its best.


At 12:34 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Side games at Pauly's suite in December will be NL Euchre.

Better learn fast :)


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