Saturday, February 05, 2005

I Repent

Whatever it is that I've done to anger whomever is responsible for the following, I beg forgiveness.

So, I played a couple $20 SnGs tonight.

AQo v. KQo. I flop a set of aces. My all-in is called, incredibly. Turn is Jack. River is 10. I'm out in 5th. I was a 98.38% favorite.

AcKd v Ad8h. I flop two pair, both hearts. My all-in is called. Turn is a heart. River is a heart. I'm out in 6th. I was a 94.65% favorite.

All you can do is get your money in when you're ahead. And break something.

Update: Twenty-six minutes later.

There's power in prayer, people. Pocket 9s in the SB at a $25 NL table. A lot of limpers and I make it $3 to go. Two callers. Flop is, I kid you not, 9 10 10. One caller to my $10 bet. He also calls my all-in on the rag turn. Sorry sir, K10o no good.

I'm off to bed, having booked a $0.95 win on the evening. I might actually get to sleep now.

Poker, she is a turbulent mistress.


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