Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Come and Get Me

Just a little housecleaning today:

First and foremost, the WPBT event this evening on Poker Stars at 6 p.m. Southern California time. When I checked last night, there were 70 entrants. I'm looking very much forward to it and my main goal is to not look like a moron. Odds of that happening are set at even money. Again, my name on Stars is JoeSpeaker. If I end up at your table, it's one less person you need concern yourself with. I'd offer a bounty, but a) I can't think of a good one and b) knocking me out isn't exactly a prize-worthy feat. None of which precludes mocking me in chat. Do your worst.

My tournament game face includes carefully chosen pieces of music to fortify me. I hope to not need Alice in Chains' "Dam(n) That River."

Played a bit online last night for the first time in a few days. I'm just not feeling the love from Party. My recent forays into live play have been so much more rewarding. Of course, there's no way I can satisfy my jones with the bi-monthly trips to the card rooms, so...

Actually had a winning session, a rarity lately. Finished a disappointing third in a single $20/$2 SnG. Had half the chips when we got into the money, put my two opponents all-in when ahead and lost both hands. This has been the prevailing theme with my SnG results lately. So frustrating. But I picked up a check, which I augmented by doubling up on a $25 PL table and grabbing another 5 BBs in a $1/$2 game. Considering the bludgeoning I took last week, I happily accept.

Some Commerce trip reports up courtesty of fhwrdh, StudioGlyphic and Al. Check them out.

T-minus 5 and a half hours.


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