Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Charity Begins in the Cafeteria

I was jonesing for some Nacho Cheese Doritos and pulled a carefully counted 75 cents out of my desk and made the trek downstairs. Except I only brought 70 cents. And only had a twenty in my wallet. I turned helplessly to the guy standing behind me and said, "I'm a nickel short. I gotta go back to my desk." He chuckled a little and dug in his pocket, handing me a quarter which I sheepishly took. Face reddened, I grabbed my chips and reached for the coin return, pulling out...30 cents! There was a dime already in there. I gave it all to the guy behind me with the reminder, "See what charity gets ya?"

Pretty good ROI there.

In that vein, Save BG!

If a guy can get a nickel profit on Doritos, imagine what sort of grand reward you'll receive if you send $20 the way of the Boy Genius to defray the costs of his surgery. And after he makes his full and complete recover and is back to eating pizza, we can all make jokes and perhaps get some t-shirts printed up.

Transfer now:

GamblingBlues = Full Tilt
HeyKidsItsBG = Poker Stars

In all seriousness, it's twenty bucks and BG has been a huge part of our little scene right from the start. I personally am lucky to know the man and he has helped me out on a number of occassions and one in particular that was above and beyond.


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