Friday, March 11, 2005

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Inspiration in short supply today. Unlike workload. Let's go the the videotape.

Solid poker action last night despite a reprimand from the dear and patient wife, after I bombed out of a post-Survivor two-table SnG on Stars:

"You're gonna play again!?!?!?"
"Yeah, I gotta get my $22 back."

Which I did. And then some. Made sleeping in the garage a little more palatable.

Most of my haul came when I doubled up with pocket aces and smooth called pocket kings all the way to the river, where I raised him all-in. He paid off with a perfectly benign board showing. Really, what could he do? Any among us who would've laid it down? I think not. Not in my previous experience anyway.

Found two NL tables very much to my liking. A rotating band of maniacs and a handful of solid players just itching to take 'em down.

Is there anything more life-affirming than the turn check-raise? Goddamn I feel verile when I pull that one off. Of course, you need reasonable players around who recognize the power of the play. I LIKE having some good players at my tables. Easier to get a read. Easier to find spots to bluff at pots. I know that's counter to what is considered prime money-making poker. I guess it's a comfort zone to me. Still working on that "handling variance" thing. With better players, you can minimize the soul-sucking beats, at the expense of winning huge pots from idiots. So, at this point in my development, I prefer a mixture of the players. Allows for different types of plays, which is good experience as far as changing gears, targeting your play toward the type of player, etc. I can both wait for the monsters and isolate the morons and steal smaller pots against the tight/passive group. It's been working, lately.

My poker game right now is akin to a functioning alcoholic. The NL ring games are my work. I get up early, take the mornin' train, adequately perform my duties to keep the family in clover. Pocket a little coin. Then I come home, start binging on liquor, two-table SnGs and multi-table tourneys, giving back I've earned.

Such is the price of getting experience in those MTTs.


Big thanks to the Poker Geek for his kind words. The sleep-deprived have always been my target demographic. Memo to self: To increase traffic, make Chris laugh.

Also in LA blogger news, a big pat on the back to F. Howard H. for scoring a gig at Full Tilt. I had the pleasure of making his acquantance in Commerce last month. He's good people and well-deserving of this opportunity.

Keeping with the theme, I ran across another local blogger (and by local, I mean he's just a quick 4-hour jaunt down the 91 from me). As such, The O.C.'s High Plains Drifter has been added to the blogroll.


At 4:48 AM, Blogger High Plains Drifter said...

Hey Joe, thanks for the link-up.

Cmon, Tustin isn't *that* far away. If you start driving at 2am.


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