Monday, November 12, 2007

Ship It

1 Joe Speaker (you) 107.5
QB D. Brees NOS 18.9
WR H. Ward PIT 16.0
WR L. Evans BUF 6.5
WR D. Driver GBP 6.3
RB P. Holmes KAN 7.9
RB B. Jacobs NYG 10.5
TE A. Crumpler ATL 9.9
K S. Janikowski OAK 9.0
DEF CIN 22.5

That victory, my second in two weeks at Fantasy Sports Live occured in a "Joe Speaker Special." When you win a contest named after's pretty fucking rigged impressive.

For those of you unfamiliar with the "Joe Speaker Special" contest, it is one that has a much lower points/salary cap than the standard games. Owing to my propensity for frugality, Blinders created these to challenge those of you looking for "deals" amongst players. Of course, you have to beat me; and I rule.

The concept is really the same for other contests. You need to find cheap players who might have a breakout week. For the regular cap games, you do that so you can have Tom Brady and Randy Moss. In the Speakers, you need to find three or four just so you can get under the cap. In my team this week, you'll notice Priest Holmes. A fine example. This was the first week Holmes would get the bulk of the carries for KC because of an injury to Larry Johnson. Hence, his cost was low (since he hadn't been playing much), but now had an opportunity. Hines Ward, same thing. His cost was low because he'd been injured and I got him for a mere 90 pts. his second week back (he was 60 last week, I think, and I took him then, too).

It's all about the research. What won the week for me was Cincy's defense. On the surface, that seems a wasted pick. Cincy's defense is abominable (ranked 31st) and their low cost reflects that. However, they were playing an offensively gross Baltimore team AND a quick look at past performance showed the last time the two teams met, the Bengals caused 6 turnovers. Yesterday? Six turnovers and only 7 points.


The number of players is rising pretty quickly over at Fantasy Sports Live. If you've not yet joined (Bonus Code: Speaker), I invite you to take me on in a Joe Speaker Special. Anybody can win picking Tom Brady and Randy Moss. Try winning with Cincy's defense.

I dare ya.


At 11:58 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

15 tries.

Zero cashes.

I am the new BobbyBracelet for sports wagering.

Except for taking JAX and the San Diego Super Chargers on the money line yesterday.

That was pure genius.

At 12:40 PM, Blogger Dave said...

I had few points left over to pick my defense I this week I had to choose the Denver Broncos who are notorious this year for having, well, no defense. They ended up getting me 18 points and helped to secure a 2nd place BFFB finish. Go figure. Three cashes out of 10 tries in the BFFB and I've broken even. My bad luck to have Miami Don up against me in my bracket this week. He came from behind and took 1st place away from me.


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