Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Go Forth, My Little Friend

We (that's me and some of his little friends) are here to wish Iggy good luck and smooth sailing today.

Follow along with the rest of us, including the spirit of Eddie Gaedel, over at Tao of Poker (though let's hope we are spared further mental images such as Isabelle lowering herself to choke on Dario's tongue) as our diminutive hero, atop 8 or 9 Everest Poker seat cushions, makes his wee way through the massive Main Event field.

Is it me, or does mini-Peter Criss look like Lars Ulrich? They're the same height, I know that much.

Boss! Boss! The turn! The turn!

I know. Dwarf/midget jokes. I'm hilarious. And original.

Go Iggy!


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