Sunday, October 07, 2007

That Was Unusual

My Saturday was going along its standard path. AJ wanted to watch football, but his attention span dictates he can only do so 15 minutes at a time, so he alternated between Wisconsin-Illinois and "Over the Hedge." I hit my teaser on the Illini (having watched the over-rated Badgers beat a crappy, albiet randomly flashy, Michigan St. team in Key West), but bubbled off a $22+2 Turbo SnG when my Big Ace lost to Ace-Rag. Then, things began to change.

I played another $22+2 and won it. Was never in trouble and had a nearly 4-1 chip lead heads-up. At the same time, I was moving right along in a satellite to the Full Tilt $750K Guaranteed tomorrow. It was a $10 Re-Buy Turbo and was the softest sat of all time. Only 38 runners, with 2 seats guaranteed, and there were only 24 re-buys and 8 add-ons. We were down to 15 by the time the re-buy period (only a half-hour) ended. Long story short, I finished 3rd (as if you needed me to tell you that). But even though I didn't get a seat, even though a guy who had me out-chipped by less than 3K called--called!--my AJ push with T6o and won, I more than tripled my investment. Not the seat, but not bad.

Then AJ and I watched USC. He's been poking fun at me all week since I'm a Stanford fan and he's a bandwagon, front-running six-year-old. Forty-one point favorites. I would have celebrated wildly had the result not made my son cry. The tears were 35% forced, but still...

Then, it started. LSU pulled out a miracle, not only to win, but to cover my tease, without going "over." The bet was LSU -1 and Under 53. Amazing game. 5-for-5 on 4th downs. Dominated for long stretches, but two gutty TD drives to win it.

So, I'm thinking, my luck runs pretty good today. That LSU game felt like found money. So, with AJ tucked away, I played a couple more satellites to the $750K. First, was a $24+2 and I was running okay in that one, which attracted 59 runners and gave six seats. I also played a $5 Turbo Re-Buy that began 45 minutes later. More wild that the $10 earlier and three seats available when all was said and done. I bombed out of that one, the blinds and antes of the Turbo quickly over-taking the freeze-out, but not until the Final Table, where I finished 5th for another satellite profit.

In the freeze-out, I ran into some bad luck when my over-pair wasn't quite as good as the other guy's over-pair. I had T505 left, 20 runners left and an M of shit. I was drinking a little, but I know I tripled that up with J5o. Then pushed with KQo and cracked aces. From there, I played my ass off to the Final Table, where I was still the short stack. I was 2nd in chips by the time I won my seat. You wanna talk about a weak-tight final table? It was a cherry picker's paradise.

Hey kids! We're playin' the $750K Guaranteed tomorrow.


At 7:57 AM, Blogger Betty Underground said...

Nice job!
Good luck today!

At 11:59 AM, Blogger change100 said...

I'm so glad you ended up winning your seat, seeing as my presence on the rail in at the end of the rebuy proved to be the ultimate cooler (AJ loses to T6o? How? AJ is GOLD!)

Best of luck in the $750K!

At 10:00 PM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

It figures that you won that Illinois bet. Before gametime, I typed to someone "Wisconsin over my Illini - it's the lock of the day."


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