Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm in Jeopardy!

Nothing like a three-day bender...er, weekend to stimulate my stupid cells.

Let's play a game.

"I'll take 'Adjectives' for $200, Alex."


"What is the A's opening Day performance?"

"Correct. You're still in control of the board."


"What is grossly over-playing ATs in the third hour of the Stars maniacal $11 re-buy tourney simply because it's the best hand--by far--you've been dealt in the past 45 minutes? Especially damaging vs. pocket kings.

"Yes. Choose again."


"What is the chance Liverpool gets the drop on Juve today in the Champions League quarterfinal at Anfield?"

"You're on a roll. Next"


"What is the first hour of the Stars $11 re-buy tourney? I mean, I know you can re-buy, but why would you WANT to over and over and over again when you can just fold that 54o instead of pushing with it? Is there a strategy I'm missing? I pointed out in chat that the play of certain people was more akin to keno than to poker. A point I made after doubling up on T5s who called my Hiltons pre-flop. The result was severe chastisment from several corners about how IT'S A RE-BUY! and how could I be so stupid as to expect anything else? My measured response was that the re-buy fact does not excuse far less than optimal poker play. The guy who pushed with 54o was in for $121, because he pushed with crap time and time again. I can surmise that he's gamb00000ling to double up, but doubling up once while dropping 10 buy-ins is kind of idiotic, wouldn't you say? But that's how you get $30K prize pools in 600-player tourneys.

"Correct, but could you please keep your responses to under a thousand words."

"Suck it, Alex."

"Okay, next clue. Here it is."

Excessive formation of scar tissue and, usually, subsequent painful swelling.

"That's not an adjective, but you're talking about my liver aren't you?"



This is my frank and honest reaction to finding myself on the waiting list for the WPBT Live Event two months hence at the Aladdin.

It's not an expression of anger, but rather of disappointment. It is MOST CERTAINLY not an epithet directed at CJ, who has what I'm guessing is a large--and largely thankless--job of pulling the whole shindig together. Nor is my status anywhere close to dissuading me from making the trip. In fact, not playing means not getting up for a 10 a.m. Saturday start time, so I don't have to worry about a Friday night curfew.

But I was really looking forward to playing. And it didn't occur to me that it was possible I wouldn't be. Which is my fault, I guess.

Who do I have to kill to get the Aladdin to add a sixth table?


Well slap my ass and call me Spanky.

Conceding an away goal is cause for alarm as it almost ensures Benitez will think "defense first" in Turin, never a good tactic in my book, but especially horrid when you employ Djimi Traore on your backline.

Quite a week thus far for the Reds, first topping Bolton (apologies to flipchipro whose lads were hard done by with that result) to move within a point of Everton for the last Champs League spot and now this. Could make it a historic seven days by grabbing three more points this weekend vs. City.

Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-ver-pool! LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-ver-pool!


At 11:51 AM, Blogger poker_ghost said...

I've discovered that "money management" is not a strong suit among on-line poker players.

Btw, we're in for a long baseball season.

At 9:44 AM, Blogger AlCantHang said...

Hopefully Chelsea can duplicate tonight and keep alive the hope of an all EPL Champions League final.


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