Thursday, February 24, 2005


This is gonna take some doin'.

If you haven't heard, the next leg on the WPBT Live Tour has been set up by CJ.

I'm already committed to being in Vegas three weeks prior for another soccer tournament.

In order to attend both, all my negotiating skills will have to be taken out of mothballs. That charm I so effectively used on the dear and patient wife early in our courtship will need to be resurrected. If necessary, I'll pull a "Kobe" and fall to my knees while holding jewelry. Talk about your "outs."


Call me River Boy.

After last night's inflaming of the Klan, I pulled another huge pot on fifth street. Got dealt KK in the SB on a .25/.50 NL table at Stars. Only one limper, so just a minimum raise from me. BB folds and limper calls. Flop is a pretty KcQh5c. I chuck a fiver into the pot and get called. On a draw, I presume. Turn is Jd. I chuck a tenner into the pot and get raised to $25. Broadway straight, eh? Nice catch. Or maybe just two pair. Whatever. The hard fact is that I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO FOLD TOP SET! I even re-raised him all in.

He did have A10o. A queen spiked on the river to fill me up.

I must be living right.

I had better tighten it up, though.


At 2:36 PM, Blogger April said...

What freakin' soccer club are you part of that has all its tournaments in Vegas?? I mean come on!


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