Saturday, February 19, 2005

Playing With Confidence

The confidence which can only be summoned by 8 or 12 Bass Ales.

I'm actually down a middling amount for the evening, based entirely on the fact that I got sucked out on at a Poker Stars .25/.50 NL table, at which point the table broke and I love run-on sentences.

No, seriously, this guy took me for $40--eliminating my profit--holy shit, I just got dealt the hammer for the first time, where was I...oh yeah, as soon as that hand was over, the table broke. had to fold the hammer I pulled it back up and I was the only one there. I clicked "leave table" and it asked me if I was "sure." Well, no you stupid machine, I'd like to sit here all night by myself.

(The above sounds funnier in my head)

Anyway, I'm in Hour Three of an MTT on Stars ($11 buy-in) with an above average stack and holy shit, I just got dealt rockets and playing my ASS off won the pot with rockets.

The only real problem is the chip leader directly to my left.

And the beers.

Anyway, thought I'd write this up before I get uncermoniously dumped on the bubble. More interesting this way.

Take Two

Um, nevermind.

I am, at this point, weilding my stack. Throwing it around like a pervert's weiner at cheerleader camp.

I've made the money and am fourth in chips with 50 still in. I'm giddy.


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