Saturday, January 08, 2005

Do Not Call List

I just played 4 hands in the tourney without a call button.

One went to the river.

Good thing I'm comfortable with raise and fold poker.


I've decided to make this a running diary of my tourney, since it seems I'll be here a while. At the end of the first hour, we've only lost 3 players from my table. And even those guys didn't go out on bad plays. Tight, solid players all the way around. We're trading chips back and forth. I sit with T1585 at the first break, about T300 below average. 1075 players remaining. Nearly half the field trimmed, but no free chips to be had at my table.

My big hand was Big Slick of spades. Two spades and a King on the flop. Got one caller to the river. Was hoping he was on a flush draw and it hit. It didn't and he folded to my bet when another King landed on the river. Still picked up about T600 there.

Pocket Queens. My death hand. Lost with it 3 times last night. I call a 3x raise pre-flop one from the button. Flop, naturally, is A K A. Pre-flop raiser bets 100 and I raise to see where I'm at. He calls. Uh oh. Turn is another King. Are you shitting me? Now all I've got is a kicker. He checks, I check. River is a rag. He checks, I check. He has Q10s and we split it. If I wasn't so goddamn gun-shy from that hand, I could have taken the pot with a bet on the turn.

Pocket 7s in the BB. A minmum raise from the CO. I call. One over card--a nine--on the flop. He calls my T200 bet. Rag on the turn. He calls my T200 bet. Ace on the river. He raises my T200 bet all-in.

Bastard. He slow-played me, or spiked his overcard. I'm 90% sure it was the latter.

Two hands later, I'm down to T960 and I push with 8s. Pre-flop raiser and blinds fold and I chip up to 1310. Nice.

And I'm out. Limp with KJs and flop comes Jack high. I push and get called by limping pocket Queens. My death hand, with a twist.

Shorter diary than I had hoped.


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