Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Quick Hits

Just a few fast facts to get us through the day.

Perfect 10s: Took a second and a third in 3 tourneys last night, making a crucial error in judgement in the out of the money one. 15/30 blind level and had pocket 10s in the BB. A minimum raise from UTG+1, one caller and a raise to T200 from the button. With two potential callers of that bet behind me, I just called. I wanted to go all-in, actually rolled my mouse that direction, but it was early, the T200 didn't cripple me (took me back to my starting chip level) and I didn't really have a read on the big raiser on the button. Sure enough, the other two call as well.

Flop is Q8Q. And I check. Goddamit. I wish I hadn't done that. I could have made a T200 bet there and at the very least narrowed the field. Two chances to put the pressure on and I passed on both. Regardless of what they were playing, I think I was too tight here for the competition. Checked around to the button who pushes. After much deliberation (I figured him for an over pair), I fold. He gets one caller. They flip over AJs and 44, respectively. I want to shoot myself for giving them too much credit. For assuming they know what the (expletive) they are doing. Gotta get into pots with these aggressive guys. For the record, the board goes runner-runner 5s to give AJs the pot.

Didn't recover from that play, though looking over the hand history, it seems more card-related than tilt-related.

Nice read: Later, in another tourney, my dear and patient wife was having a look. I get Q7o in the BB and only SB completes to see the flop, which is AQ4 rainbow. SB bets 100. Out of nowhere, I hear:

He would have raised it before the flop if he had an ace.

Only I didn't say it. I had yet to even think it. Yes, it was my dear and patient wife. I could barely supress my joy and surprise long enough to raise the bet. Which, naturally, induced a fold. She was very proud.

Crazy Eights: Got the schedule for our MLK birthday weekend soccer tournament in Vegas. Um, it's possible I may have preferred to NOT play games at 8 a.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. Honestly, the first games of the day should start at noon for everybody. Though I guess you can look at it one of two ways. Either you have to get up very early. Or stay up very late. The latter is probably more likely for me. I'll be sure to switch to water and Gatorade around dawn.

Lastly, All Hail Otis.


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