Saturday, June 25, 2005

If It Wasn't For Luck...


Drunk, angry people should not blog. Exhibit A is below. I'll leave it up, though. I am an open, sometimes retarded, book.

Hopefully, I'll get another chance today to "raise some douchebags" as Bob so eloquently puts it. I have a ton of yardwork, which I probably won't be able to finish in one day.

That bad beat happened in the $5 re-buy qualifier to the Stars $700K Guaranteed on Sunday. You'd have thought it was a freeroll based on the level of play. There were four guys who got horribly beated out who hung around to berate their vanquishers. It's a little embarassing. Blogging it is so much more dignified.

Back sometime with more tales of Hellmuthian woe.


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