Monday, December 14, 2009

Crash Landing

I'm gonna write up the whole darn weekend. But first, I'm going to sleep.

I did things I'd never done before in Vegas. I did the same things I do every year with the most amazing group of goofballs on the planet. And I feel the same as I do when I always get home afterwards, a mixture of relief at walking in the door still (somewhat ) intact and disappointment that the gathering has ended again. I can't thank everyone enough for their generosity, good will and great company.

As I walked through the MGM about 1:30 this morning on my way to bed, I was stopped first by Falstaff, banging away on a penny slot (and he lost all $9 of profit in the five minutes I stood there cooling him) and then April, taking a break in front of a video poker machine (where we were soon joined by a VERY drunk girl with a bit of a conundrum, which we proceeded to solve in a sympathetic and clever manner). I delight in those moments, though I was completely knackered and desired nothing but sleep. But I think those brief snippets encapsulate what I feel when I leave, because we all live apart, and I don't have the luxury in my every day life of hoping to run into a dear friend at random, to be able to spend five minutes catching up.

So we cram a year's worth into four days, which makes for an awesome four days (my internal organs might quibble), but leaves me wanting. As I said several times this weekend about others, "Seeing (them) just makes me happy!"

I suppose knowing I will see y'all again will have to suffice until the next time. In the interim, take care, hug your families, get some rest and be prepared for me to totally embarrass you in the trip report.


At 9:01 AM, Blogger BamBam said...

It was great to see you Mr. Speaker.

For the record, "something about seeing you, just makes me smile" too.


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Falstaff said...

Great to see you again, and great meeting Emet, too! Now move east, dammit!


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