Friday, September 19, 2008

Riding on the Metro

First, thanks to all who called or e-mailed (or Twittered) after me this week to make sure I was okay after the tragic Metrolink accident. If was a different train/line from the one I take (San Bernardino line, for future reference). There was another one today. Obviously, I skirted that one, as well.

The trains have been pretty empty this week, especially in the cars near the front. That's where I sit. Have always sat. You'll recall my obsessiveness with finding the right seat, so I'm not about to give it up in a knee-jerk "safety" response. You know what happens when people do that: you have to remove your shoes at the airport.


What else is going on in the world? Anything? I heard some stuff about the economy. But I'm sure our vying Presidential candidates are on the case. I mean, they've got a plan, right? It being election season and all. No?

McCain is citing Reagan and FDR, alternating views depending on whether he got his afternoon nap or not. And Obama's all like Si se puede!, which is appropriate, I suppose, since the dollar will soon have the worth of the peso.

My response is to take a position in craps futures. Anyone with me? Press it, Kenneth!


Enjoying the football season so far. Spent Week 1 prone on my couch, losing my wagers, but doubling up at Fantasy Sports Live. Week 2 was interrupted by my soccer game, the last for a while thanks to me shredding my quad early in the second half, and I returned home to see my FSL teams hoplessly in the basement and that my 4-game teaster parlay came through. Could have been an even better day if not for Ed Hochuli, as I had a chunk on the Chargers +1. Pushed, know. And I'm still alive in Miami Don's suicide pool.

Week 3 will be couch-y. Also, beer-y.


In the world of Proper Football, Liverpool beat ManU and Marseille. The Scorpions, AJ's AYSO team, behind one kid who's really good and the strategic brilliance of yours truly, won it's Opening Day match, 4-1. If you like laughing at me as much as I do myself, there's a full report over at Offsprung.


Pleasantly surprised by the new Metallica album. The magnificent douchebaggery of Lars aside, I'll always support them (St. Anger excluded) since they were the soundtrack to my youth. Some powerful cuts this time, with Cyanide my current favorite. Riff-tastic. Participated in an online listening party of the new Kings of Leon release and was underwhelmed. Partially 'cause I was distracted. The sound was a bit muddy, too. I'll buy it when it comes out Tuesday. Duh. But don't expect any boners. And I've already got my tickets for their LA show next month.

On Monday, I'll be digging the Raconteurs at the Greek Threatre here in LA. I Stub Hub'd some primo seats. 13th row, front and center. Their tour has gotten rave reviews and I'm really looking forward to it, though I hope I don't have to stand on my shredded quad the entire time.


Didn't play The Mookie this week due to prior commitments. Not sure I'll be able to play next week, either, but I'll sign up nonetheless to boost the prize pool. Waffles needs at least 78 players to have a chance to win his prop bet and what's better than dangling a carrot in front of that particular horse's nose, only to pull it cruelly away?

Nothing I say.

And what if he wins? An upset on par with the Miracle on Ice and you can tell your grandkids about it.


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