Monday, May 26, 2008


All I ever wanted. Lipstick scars I wear proudly and touch unconsciously like twirling a discarded wedding ring, flexing a severed limb. Ghostly fingers on her neck. Forgotten trail.
Tasting something awful. Acrid smoke rising like a phantom, burning comfort and I bow, forced reverence, fear, sudden crack of thunder. Thank you. I missed you. Covers over my head.
Falling to pieces. I hide behind handsome words and black sunglasses; with yellow wisdom I can flip your manger upside down. Cold and still signatures on a contract. Dispensible.
Solitary man. Echoed verses off the stars; that vast tormented distance altered by sound, tricks of time so I can reach my burdened elders in unfamiliar hours. Statues decay and cast shadows.


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