Thursday, April 14, 2005

You'll Never Walk Alone

Looking for poker content? Move along. Nothing to see here.

No, today's subject is el jogo bonito, roughly translated from the Portuguese as "Footy goddamnit!" I know we have at least one, two fans of the beautiful game out there in the poker blogosphere, so I'm content in knowing I'm not writing this in my usual vacuum.

First, as you all no doubt know, Liverpool held Juve to a scoreless draw yesterday at the Della Alpi, pushing them into the Champions League semifinal on 2-1 aggregate. Waiting there is Chelsea.

Reds vs. Blues
Scousers vs. Ruskies
Me vs. Al

Loser has to wear face paint in the opposing club's colors during the WPBT Aladdin Classic.

That's just a suggestion. But the idea of Al in red face paint is funny. Me in blue? Not so much.

This is massive. In an oft-undewhelming year for 'Pool, Benitez has pushed the club to the brink of something special, despite a startling spate of injuries and the continuing suckage of Harry Kewell. Something to be proud of, though sitting 5th in the Prem remains inexcusable.

Shockingly, the Liverpool-Chelsea match is not the most important fixture on the slate. No, that would be my club looking to defend it's Long Beach Men's Soccer League Spring Cup championship this Sunday. We have, in fact, won it two years in a row and are playing in our fourth straight Final. Yeah, we rule.


I don't get a lot of hits from strange google searches. "Jessica Alba's butt" comes up frequently, but I never get the "dwarves" and "bestiality" types like others. I got a funny one today though, pertaining to my hometown.

"livermore" "granada bowl" "girls"

Dude, trust me. You do NOT want to date girls that hang out at Granada Bowl.


Here's a follow-up to that strange story I linked the other day. You will recall that a man was "kidnapped" in front of his wife by two guys. The wife called 911 and police found the suspects a short time later, at which time the perps professed the whole thing was a ruse, just to get the husband out of the house to play poker.

Um, maybe not.

"There's a chance someone was not completely forthright in their information,"

Ya think, Officer?


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