Monday, December 13, 2004

Four-letter Word. Starts with 'F'

Party Poker is broken.

It seems the software is not giving some people a fold option. No other way to explain this weekend.

No, no bad beat stories coming. Boring. And I don't want to re-hash them anyway. Suffice to say, there were half a dozen times this weekend where I could only gape at the computer screen, stunned into speechlessness. It wasn't just me taking the bad beatings, either. I actually saw a guy call a post-flop all-in with 65 of hearts. With a Ad Kh 10c board. Runner-runner 5s won him the hand. I actually saw a guy call two--who showed pocket Aces and pocket Queens--pre-flop all-ins (at Level 1) with 96 of diamonds. He caught a straight, which caused pocket aces to wish bankruptcy on him.

Honestly, the reason I've made a permanent move to the $20 SnGs is to get away from these people. I guess they're following me.

I did manage a couple wins to keep the damage at a minimum. And I didn't tilt. I gave myself a rash just itching to take these guys out, to isolate them with the nuts (which, now that I mention it, I lost an all-in despite flopping the nuts, too), but I'm happy to say I didn't change my game. Didn't get desperate and start chasing hands. I just kept putting all my money in while ahead and getting drawn out on. My patience is getting better. Ditto for managing my rightous indignation.

Somehow, I do still continue to be surprised at some of the play. It might even be worse than ever. Which is good. If I can maintain my sanity long enough for it to come back around.


Looking forward to the tales of the blogger tourney. some rough sketches up already. I was going to provide alternate entertainment: a powerful and moving tale of my dear and patient wife's company Christmas party this weekend. That would largely entail me remembering a majority of the evening. As it slowly comes back to me, I'll try to relate. The steak dinner may have been the worst thing I've ever voluntarily eaten. It had the consistency of shoe leather and half the taste. I knew we were in trouble when it dawned on me that nobody had asked how I wanted my steak cooked. The point was hammered home when I saw them unloading the food from a rental truck. Oh well, I forgive them. They did have an open bar, after all.


At 3:42 PM, Blogger dum_a_chum said...

I've found that the level of play at Party SNG's stay pretty consistent (which is pretty bad) up until about the $50 level, at which a lot of the players still make some pretty questionable plays. Really, anything below $50, and sometimes $50 itself, has the same type play in my opinion. Only at the $100 and above levels do you start to get away from this play. Just hang in there, good to know that it isn't causing you to tilt. Just keeping playing your game...


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