Thursday, December 02, 2004

$20 Questions

Weird, small-sample statistical anomaly from the last week and a half:

17 $10 single-table SnGs: 7 in the money. Zero first, one second, six third.
7 $20 single-table SnGs: 5 in the money. Two first, two second, one third.

To me, there's no real discernable difference in skill between the two levels. Depends on the players you end up with. Can't choose your tables like the ring games. Sometimes, I find myself on an ultra-tight $10 table; others a maniacal $20 table. I'd been following a fairly rigid pattern of playing the $10 games during the week and the $20s on the weekend, when the $10s tend to be more unpredictable (read: populated by folks with varying amounts of alcohol in their systems). But last night, after finishing out of the money in the 6th of my last 7 attempts at the $10 level, I played a $20. And won it. Made me wonder.

Regardless, suffice to say I'm happy the above numbers aren't reversed.

Jason Giambi is a 'Roid-Head

In perhaps the worst-kept secret of all-time, Jason "I've only lost four pounds" Giambi has admitted to being a steroid user, during both his A's and Yankee tenures. There is nobody who rooted harder for karma to rise up and kick G's ass than I. Yet, I feel shame--for him and the game--more than anything else today. That guy was a God in Oakland. He owned the fan base. He owned the team. And he dissembled his way right out of town, lying to ownership and fans alike, always painting himself as the victim when a clear analysis of the contract negotiations revealed a hidden agenda the entire time. I openly admit I rooted for him to fail. And it seems I've gotten my wish. But I feel no redemption. He certainly doesn't deserve any sympathy. But he's tarnished his entire career, including his highlights by the Bay.

I'd be glancing over my shoulder if I were Jason. I'm certain Steinbreener has a phlanx of lawyers pouring over his contract, seeing if The Boss can extricate himself from G's massively bloated deal.

I don't expect to see Selig & Co. to weigh in with ay punishment. More likely, they'll spend a couple minutes figuring out the best way to get the issue out of the news as quickly as possible.


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