Monday, November 29, 2004

Monday Morning Quarterback


One holiday weekend and I'm already way behind.

Quick Turkey Fest points:

  • Liverpool 2, Arsenal 1. That's right. LIVERPOOL 2, ARSENAL 1. Neil Mellor at the death. I will never type that last sentence again. You're welcome, Al.
  • Made some hay at the tables though I haven't added up the totals yet. Three in-the-money finishes on the $20 SnGs (one of each) out of four. Some nickels and dimes on the nickel and dime ring games and a big hit on the $25 NL games which I'm frankly (flopped boat) not ready to (lost to 104o) discuss at present.
  • Hilarious scene on a .50/$1 table yesterday afternoon. New player calls Big Slick all the way down with A7o. Another player comments and we get the following conversation:

Other Player: What the (bleep) are you playing those (bleep) cards for?

New player: I'm on tilt.

OP: lol. Okay then.

NP: Wait 'till you see what I'm playing this hand.


Indeed, the new player was playing 65 of spades, with no pair or spades on the flop, only to catch runner-runner 5s to crack top two pair. Naturally, that set off another round of hilarity, which I can't recall with any clarity from laughing/crying too hard.

  • That Charger-Chief game yesterday renewed my faith in all things NFL. As a Niner fan, compelling football has been hard to come by (though five 4th quarter fumbles is compelling in its own way). What a game. Is Phillip Rivers available?
  • Playing online poker while home alone with a 3-year-old is -EV.
  • Speaking of The Boy, he's really coming into his own in the tantrum department. And he's not shy about breaking it out in public. Not good times. And to you, disgusted-look-lady-in-the-supermarket, "screw you." And mix in a salad.
  • Spent a fabulous Thanksgiving with the family, reminding me once again how lucky I am to like nearly every single one of my relatives. A special shout out to my teenage niece and nephew for their patient stewardship of their constant shadow, my son.


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