Monday, December 05, 2011

WPBT Hand History

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***** Hand History *****

Table Sherwood Forest Bar (Real Money) -- Seat 2 is the button

Total number of players: 65-ish

Seat 1: ThisIsNotApril
Seat 2: Maudie
Seat 3: F-Train
Seat 4: Falstaff
Seat 5: Absinthetics
Seat 6: BamBam and Pebbles
Seat 7: PokerPeaker
Seat 8: Iggy
Seat 9: Garthski and Saunter
Seat 10: DawnSummers

JoeSpeaker joins Table Sherwood Forest Bar

** Dealing down cards **

Dealt to JoeSpeaker: Newcastle

Everybody: Congratulations!
JoeSpeaker: Thanks (and talks all about Emet's pregnancy and AJ's video and reactions and emotions, thoughts he would repeat over and over again the entire weekend and never, ever tire of it).
Iggy: So, I'm out there in the Boundary Waters and I throw my steak in the lake so bears don't get it, but while I'm sleeping I keep hearing these splashes in the water and I'm in full 'what the fuck?' mode.
PokerPeaker: So what was it?
Iggy: Beaver.
JoeSpeaker: You look great, man.
Iggy: Shut up.
JoeSpeaker: No, seriously, that fresh air is doing you some good.
Iggy: Fuck you.

JoeSpeaker joins Table Craps at Excalibur

Seat 1: Maigrey
Seat 2: Gus
Seat 3: Chilly
Seat 4: Garthski
Seat 5: Marty
Seat 6: Astin
Seat 7: Drizztdj
Seat 8: ThisIsNotApril

Maigrey: Horn Hi-Lo!
Gus: Horn Hi-Lo!
Garthski: What are these bets? I think they're just making them up.
JoeSpeaker: Give me a $10 white elephant!
Garthski: Five bucks on Strawberry Milkshake!
Marty craps out
Chilly: That's now how you do it.
Maigrey: (Thrusts two middle fingers in Chilly's direction)
Chilly: What?

JoeSpeaker joins Table WPBT Winter Golf Classic

Seat 1: DrChako
Seat 2: Ringer Josh
Seat 3: BamBam
Seat 4: Pebbles
Seat 5: JoeSpeaker
Seat 6: F-Train
Seat 7: Drizztdj

Drizztdj shoots net even-par on the front 9.
JoeSpeaker takes away his strokes on the back
F-train is one bloody mary short of the pocket
(Observer chat) Katkin: Sorry I couldn't make it.
(Observer chat) TheRooster: Me too. I'm a flake.
DrChako suggests wagering guidelines. Group now has 37-way action.
JoeSpeaker hits a duck, makes par on the hole, wins four skins.
Bambam marvels at the balmy weather.
JoeSpeaker also hits a flag stick, three drives into the desert.
F-Train: You're using up all your run-good.
Pebbles birdies, one of only two by the group on the day.
Drizztdj jams his shoulder, is net +16 on the back.
JoeSpeaker scrambles to an 86 to win overall title, four skins and two Nassaus.
BamBam: nh
Drizztdj goes 41-56, wins seven skins, closest-to-the-hole, long drive.
DrChako: Rigged.
RingerJosh wins a Nassau.
Pebbles wins a skin
DrChako wins a skin.

JoeSpeaker joins Table Raku

Seat 1: Astin
Seat 2: DrChako
Seat 3: F-Train
Seat 4: Katkin
Seat 5: Drizztdj
Seat 6: Garthski
Seat 7: JoeSpeaker
Seat 8: Saunter
Seat 9: Absinthetics
Seat 10: Grubby

** Dealing down cards **

Gigantic pitchers of Sapporo
Tofu with Bonito, scallions, wasabi and green tea salt
Sashimi Salad with spinach and crispy onions

drizztdj: I just may lick the bowl.
Red Snapper sashimi and seared
JoeSpeaker: I don't often eat food that comes with a head.
Saunter: We should name him.
JoeSpeaker: (Launches into uncommonly long story about AJ and his love for a certain name)
Saunter: Antonio, it is!
(Observer chat) Waitress: Would you like those bones deep-fried?
Everybody: The answer is 'yes!'
Seafood soup
Shellfish and broth
Fried chicken thighs on spinach with balsamic vinaigrette

absinthetics: Everybody make sure to tweet @gamblingblues
(Observer Chat) gamblingblues: STFU
Asparagus deep-fried with panko bread crumbs
Roasted mackerel

drizztdj: This poor guy swam the wrong way.
Astin: Our cruel waitress is fattening up to kill us later I assume.
Red Snapper bones and skin redux
Saunter: Deep-fried Antonio!
(Observer Chat) AJ: It's not nice to eat a fish twice.
Tofu in beef broth with Salmon roe
Bacon-wrapped mushrooms, two ways

F-Train: These mushrooms are fucking ridiculous.
(Observer chat) Waitress: Do you want another pitcher?
JoeSpeaker: How many courses are left?
Kobe beef with wasabi
DrChako: This meat has no right to be that good.
Pork cheek
JoeSpeaker: (unbuttons pants)
absinthetics: Our mouths are full of amazing
DrChako folds.
Ground chicken on a stick
drizztdj: They should serve these at the Minnesota State Fair
Rice with salmon roe
Astin: Right, 'cause what this meal was missing salmon rice.
JoeSpeaker: I can't possibly take one more bite.
/takes one more bite.
/takes four or five after that

JoeSpeaker joins Table WPBT Winter Classic at Aria

Seat 1: Wookie
Seat 2: Lefty
Seat 3: Katkin
Seat 4: JoeSpeaker
Seat 5: Maudie
Seat 6: ThisIsNotApril
Seat 7: Derek
Seat 8:
Seat 9: Chilly
Seat 10: Timtern

** Dealing down cards **

Katkin bets 300
JoeSpeaker raises to 850
Katkin calls [550]

Dealing Flop: Jh, 8s, 4c

JoeSpeaker bets 1100
Katkin folds, shows [7s 2h]
JoeSpeaker wins pot, shows [As, Ac]

JoeSpeaker finished 12th, wins $0.
Team Los Angel-ish--JoeSpeaker, absinthetics and ShaneNickerson--wins $130 for finishing second in Last Longer Challenge

JoeSpeaker, frustrated and beat, spends 90 minutes contemplating calling it a night. It's 8 p.m. Instead, he calls his wife, is cheered up, and heads to Aria where he has two very interesting and thoughtful conversation that he doesn't get to finish.

JoeSpeaker joins Table Pai-Gow at the IP

Seat 1: drizztdj
Seat 2: Saunter
Seat 3: ColorsTease
Seat 4: F-Train
Seat 5: JoeSpeaker
Seat 6: Garthski

Garthski: PAI-GOW!!!!!
drizztdj: ........
JoeSpeaker: I can't stop hitting bonuses
ColorsTease: Cocktails?


JoeSpeaker folds


There is no way to express how much I enjoy the company of this group. Many thanks to April for herding the entire flock, to F-Train for setting up possibly the finest eating experience ever, the Aria Poker Room (@AriaPoker) for the hospitality, to Jordan and for the added money in the Last Longer, to the brave six souls who dared take me--and Rhodes Ranch Golf Club--on in the Golf Classic, to each and every one of you who offered your best wishes and kind remarks on the upcoming baby.

Let me also throw out a hearty and heartfelt congratulations to the runners. A truly inspiring feat and I'm sorry I wasn't there to celebrate it with you, but I'll get you the next time.