Wednesday, January 10, 2007

And Down the Stretch They Come!

Details at Poker Works

Monday, January 08, 2007

Quick Parenting Tip

If you are re-hydrating your sick and puking child with Gatorade, best go with the clear-colored version and NOT FUCKING RED.

Your cream-colored carpets will thank you.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Relinquishing My Amateur Status

Joe Speaker, Professional Blogger.

Has a nice ring to it, eh? You are now all required to call me by my official title: His Blogness. I hope it doesn't make things weird between us.

It would be my honor of y'all would follow me over there, link up the new pad and generally tell everyone you know about me. The good things anyway. Shouldn't take you much more than 5 seconds for that conversation.

Joe Speaker at Poker Works

Also make sure you check out some of the other HUGE names joining Linda's growing empire.

Amy Calistri

Wow. Quite a lineup. I have a ways to go to deserve that level of company, though I think I'm okay on the personal grooming front. I'll but my cabinet of product against ANY of 'em.

I don't know what's gonna happen in this space. Certainly I'd like to keep it somewhat active, if only to still have it around when I get canned. But I do know all the stupidity you've come to know and loathe here at The Obituarium will continue over at Poker Works. See you there.